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Hazim Mohammed HUSSEIN ‎, Wafaa Jabbar SALMAN ‎


The great Turkish writer Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil, who lived between ‎‎1865 to 1945, kept his ‎literary fame for decades after his death. ‎This came as a result of his contribution in the ‎modern Turkish ‎Literature.‎ ‎The reason behind this fame is due to his unique works. HalidZiya ‎is considered ‎one of the most important Turkish writers in the ‎twentieth century. He enriched the Turkish ‎literature with several ‎literary works. He is considered in the first position among writers ‎and ‎authors because of the variety of his writing in addition to ‎poetry, especially in the field of ‎writing novels, and short stories. ‎This variety came, in the first place, as a result of his ‎passion ‎toward French literature and the impact of it on him. He had a ‎good knowledge of ‎the western literature. He is considered on of the ‎first Turkish novelists who wrote in the ‎European (Western) style. ‎He wrote literary works that bear the western literature concept.‎ ‎Halid Ziya occupied a high position in the field of prose. He became ‎famous after ‎publishing his novel “Aşk-ı Memnû” or “Forbidden ‎Love”. It is considered one of the most ‎important work among his ‎novels in the history of modern Turkish Literature.‎ ‎Halid Ziya owned a good knowledge in the structure of the Turkish ‎literature and ‎its directions. The novel “Forbidden Love” is ‎considered the best example in the field of ‎literature because it ‎showed his wide scope of knowledge successfully. He explored in ‎this ‎novel a detailed and analytical study of the Turkish grammar.‎ ‎We depend mainly in our research paper on this novel. It studies ‎the different ‎changes in time in the novel which is clear in the field ‎of prose and the artistic work in the ‎TV series nowadays.‎ ‎The novel “Forbidden Love” embodied main characters who are ‎Nihal, Bahlool, ‎Bihter, Adnan, and Basheer. The novel revolved on ‎the marriage between Mr. Adnan Bey, ‎who was a rich ‎businessman living in a Palace in the richest streets in Istanbul, ‎and Mrs. ‎Bihter who was younger than him.‎ ‎The artistic imagery for the western literature started to appear in ‎the modern ‎Turkish literature in the time of organizations which ‎was a very crucial point in the Turkish ‎literature. The influence of ‎the foreign and western principal were clear in the modern ‎Turkish ‎literature, which did not exist before – literally – in the Turkish ‎literature. The use of ‎the diction that had a western source in the ‎later works that appear in the time of ‎organizations and then ‎included in the modern Turkish literature. The portrayal of ‎the ‎French literature in the Turkish literature became possible by ‎the hands of writers who had a ‎great knowledge in the western ‎literature like Şemseddin Sami Frashëri, AbdülhakŞinasi ‎Hisar, ‎and Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil. This is why he was considered one of the ‎important writers ‎who launched the modern Turkish Literature full ‎of western principal.‎ ‎We will study in our research paper this period in details. We will ‎focus on the life ‎of the writer Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil as well as his ‎works and literary characters. This is ‎followed by a study of the ‎most important western portraits or imagery in the ‎novel ‎‎“Forbidden Love” by the Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil which is the ‎main focus of this research paper ‎because it has a great position ‎in the modern Turkish literature

Keywords: Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil, Forbidden Love, Western Literature, Western ‎Portrayal, Renewal, ‎Modernity, East, West, Novel, Literature, ‎Modern Turkish Literature, Arts Wealth, Intellectuality, ‎Imitation‎‏3‏‎-4‎‏.‏‎4‎