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      International Journal of Education and Language Studies IJEL is a peer-reviewed open-access journal on all aspects of educational, cultural, translation and language studies, published four times a year, by RIMAR ACADEMY. The journal concerns itself with publishing original research projects, articles and original scientific reviews in educational, cultural, translation and language studies research. IJEL publishes in English and Arabic. The board of referees and editors is a collective body of international and Turkish expert scholars who consider the liability of research projects to be published according to the parameters and regulations of IJEL.

      Being open access and online available, it can offer excellent visibility and a fast processing time from submission to publication. IJEL aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum to showcase state-of-the-art research challenges in educational, cultural, translation and language studies research.

      The scope of IJEL is extended to include Education, Glossary and Meaning, Grammar, Higher Education Research, Language, Language and Translation, Language and Islamic Sciences, Language and Discourse, Language and Technology, Language Pioneers, Language Teaching, Language with Human and Social Sciences, Linguistics and Critical Approaches, Literary studies, Literature, Phonetics and syntax, Rhetoric, and Teaching The language to non-native Speakers. The current academic landscape in sciences and humanities is witnessing a growing inclination towards an interdisciplinary approach. This integrated perspective acknowledges the interplay between various fields of study and emphasizes the interconnectedness of scientific and humanistic disciplines. Within this rich tapestry of knowledge, the integrity between sciences and humanities assumes paramount importance for the flourishing of our civilization and the advancement of our society. This confluence has led to transformative developments in diverse domains, including technological innovations, social progress, and cultural evolution. From the exploration of new frontiers in digital humanities to the examination of ethical implications in scientific research, the collaborative efforts between sciences and humanities have yielded profound insights and novel methodologies. In this regard, IJEL stands as a promising platform, fostering an interdisciplinary perspective in research projects that transcend disciplinary boundaries, nurturing the symbiotic relationship between sciences and humanities, and driving intellectual endeavors towards a more holistic understanding of the world we inhabit.

  • Each article submitted is the responsibility of one member of the editorial board or of the international scientific committee, who undertakes to have it evaluated by two peers who are experts in the field and who evaluate it anonymously.
  • The articles are primarily evaluated by our statisticians and internal screeners who check the articles for any methodological flaws, format, and compliance with the journal’s instructions.
  • All authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.
  • The authors must state that all data in the article are authentic. 
  • Reviewers should provide constructive comments to improve the quality of the article.
  • IJEL supports the open-access publishing policy, therefore all articles and reviews are available in their entirety for free access as soon as they are published.
  • IJEL has a policy that all submitted articles are reviewed using a double-blind process. This ensures that each manuscript is reviewed   properly and independently because neither the authors nor the reviewers are aware of one another's identities.
  • IJEL respects publication ethics.
  • IJEL rejects papers that contain plagiarism or self-plagiarism right away.


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