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he poetic arena witnessed the progression of a theme that dared at paces that did not yet know the pace, reluctance, stammering, and the heavy lines of poetic fingertips poured out rattles of words that were not like words, I read in the vault of poems, announcing a victory, emerging from marginal shackles that were sluggish and prolonged, to a louder flight. A theme that became famous in the horizons of the poetic field by the name of the place. The technology of the place took its place in the spaciousness of the poetic milieu, and it was an obsession for the poets’ mood, and they reached the bondmen and the plot of the association with the glosses of their poetic text, how not and the place is the source of existence, the hotbed of the past and the theater of memory, and as we turn the pages of Darwish poems we witness spatial whiffs that departed from the stage of the crouching al-Iknan to the Fattouh edifice. Al-Muton and we feel invoking the place of Abu Al-Attar, the intensity of its frequency, striking the presentation of the verses, in a sublime flight of escape, came to the door of poetry to win Hayam Darwishi, who threw him in his experiences loaded with anthropological charges that bound the memory of the past with the present, so the place rebelled from its physical place into a space that knows no bounds a place, regardless of the place The illusory geographical boundaries to the ecstasy of a long-awaited predecessor, a spatial presence that established its dramatic tendency par excellence and directed its lense he aimed at reality to capture close-up scenes with a clear vision that canceled the camouflage. The poet Mahmoud Darwish tweeted a place in the presence of his poems, why not, and the place is nothing more than having Khalil solitude, Anis solitude, and Anis loneliness. Bahia Lammt between its covers, deep meanings, deep concepts, pulsating with a resounding voice, insisting on his eternal process, which foretold his immortality in the collective memory. Darwish adopted the place in his poetry with an eagerness to evoke it, as we encounter it in his poem right and left, laden with an abundance of interpretations that remained in contact with a delicate line of feeling in which reality fused with imagination, so the place became an elixir on the throne of poetic experiences expressing the hidden feelings, how not, and it is the only refuge and the first affiliation and The established entity must have its memory inevitable in the presence of absence‏.‏

Keywords: Place, Poem, Poetry, Drama.