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Zohra MERABTI ‎, Halima BENZOUKH‏ ‏


African literature is the mirror of African community in which ‎African social reality is ‎depicted. Gender issue is one of the main ‎themes that are a matter of interest to the ‎majority of African ‎authors. They portrayed woman character in patriarchal ‎African ‎society in which male hegemony is a stereotype. In this ‎sense, Chinua Achebe as well as ‎his fellows did not stray from the ‎rule in their writings. In Things Fall Apart and Arrow ‎of God, ‎woman is considered as a second class citizen, and gender ‎inequality is a ‎predominant aspect. However, Achebe’s narratives ‎shifted from covering and ignoring ‎women rule to unveiling and ‎reshaping their own identity in his Anthills of the Savannah. ‎For ‎that reason, the objective of the present paper is to determine how ‎Achebe ‎reconstructs women identity by focusing on the character ‎of Beatrice, the female ‎protagonist in his novel Anthills of the ‎Savannah. By adopting post-colonial and feminist ‎perspectives, ‎the present research work attempts to clarify the recreation of new ‎African ‎women and their empowerment in the post-colonial Africa

Keywords: Gender, Women, Identity, Patriarchal Society, Post-Colonial Africa‎‎‏4‏‎-4‎‏.‏‎‏2‏