Year:2021   Volume: 2   Issue: 4   Area: Linguistics and Critical Approaches

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Djamila GHRIEB


Qutrub is a famous title for the science of the flags of the ancient Arab linguists, who sought to seek science, and diligently in classification and authorship, and a keeper of the language, many rarities and strange... His name has been associated with a pioneering computer-language project, which deals with the simplified automatization of Arabic verbs, a building block of support for the automated processing of the Arabic language, which establishes its website and the foundation of the contemporary knowledge society. The article that we have in our hands connects the past and the present, linking an old Arab personality, and her accurate linguistic views, and a program for an automatic language that supports the Arabic language, and presents a computer project promising a qualitative shift to the Arabic language website.

Keywords: Arabic Language ,Computer Linguistics, Machine Processing.