Year:2022   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Language and Islamic Sciences

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Bushra Hussein Ali AL-FADHLI


Orientalism is the method to study the East , specially Islamic East in order to learned its science , civilization and religious. The orientalists have dealt with the study of Semitic and Arabic Language for its importance in translate the Bible and expose obscurity in some of its texts. Early in Eighteenth century the interest in Arabic language increased and the orientalists used the linguistic methods of research that was used in Europe such as historical and comparative methods to describe Arabic language and its dialects. Many books for study Semitic languages and Arabic languages have appeared.(Syntactic Development of Arabic Language) book by the orientalist Bragstrasher is considered the example to study the Arabic tongue from historical aspect and from systematic element ,which mean to describe the internal system of Arabic Language.

Keywords: Orientalists, Arabic language, Pragstrasser, Phonitic