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We proudly announce the release of the 8th issue of the IJEL International Journal, a renowned publication committed to the advancement of Education and Language Studies.

We are delighted to announce the release of the eighth issue of IJEL International Journal, a dedicated platform for Education and Language Studies. This issue presents a diverse range of articles that we believe will enrich and inform our readers.

In the first article, Zohra JEBLAOUI examines "The Effect of Intonation on Reading Comprehension During Reading Aloud Third Secondary Learners Preparatory as a Model."

Moving on to the realm of media and journalism, Hassan SKOURI explores "Social Media: A Vent for Citizen Journalism."

Literary enthusiasts will find interest in Doaa Taher AL-DIHAYMAWEE's "The Light We Lost" by Jill Santopolo: Semiotics Study.

Sulaf Mustafa Kamil AL-ANI delves into an academic discussion on "Orientation of the Qur'anic Text in the Light of the Plurality of Qur'anic Readings Between the Ancients and the Contemporaries."

Poetry enthusiasts will find value in Lamisse LARBI OUIS's exploration of "The Spatial Structure in the Presence of the Darwish Poetic Texts."

For those interested in translation studies, Nahil SOBHI investigates "Procedures for Translating Arabic Emblematic Gestures into English in Novels."

Shifting the focus to education, Laila Ramadan JWIBER and Afaf Khalifa AL-TARHOUNI study "Digital Transformation and Its Impact on the Performance of Kindergarten Institutions in Libya: A Field Study on the Workers of the Tripoli Bride Kindergarten and the Al-Amal Al-Mashriq Kindergarten in the Friday Market Area."

The historical perspective is not forgotten, as Noor Abdul Karim SABRY presents "A Treatise on Transgressing the Door of Deeds and Its Necessity to Muhammad Bin Mustafa Al-Azniki, Known as Salami Zadeh - Study and Investigation."

We encourage our readers to delve into these insightful articles that offer valuable insights into the realms of education, language studies, media, literature, and history. We hope you find this issue as enriching and enlightening as we do.

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