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We are thrilled to unveil the 11th edition of the IJEL International Journal, a distinguished publication dedicated to the fields of Education and Language Studies.

We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated release of the 11th issue of IJEL International Journal, a prestigious publication dedicated to Education and Language Studies. We are confident that readers will find this edition packed with highly informative and thought-provoking articles.

In the first article, Anwar M. HASSABALLA and Elsadig Yahia EZZA present their research on "The Effect of Cooperative Learning in Promoting Reading and Writing Skills in Second Year Sudanese EFL Students at the University of Khartoum."

Next, Ebar A. ALMUSA and Hala Abd alrazaq ALSALAHAT explore the pertinent topic of "Arabization of University Education Between Reality and Expectation."

The fascinating realm of cultural criticism is investigated by Hashim Mousay Arhoumah AWADH in his study of "Mechanisms of Cultural Criticism: A Study of the Implicit Patterns in the Poetry of Khouloud Al-Falah (1973 - …..)."

Intriguingly, Abdullphatah Ahmed Aglan AL-NAJASHI and Younes Ahmed Qasem Hasan AL-MAAMARI delve into the "Quranic Display for Arabic Language System."

Anwar Mohammed HASABALA returns with a literature review examining "Common Factors Influence EFL Instructors Whether or Not to Use Cooperative Learning in Their Classes."

Abeer bany MUSTAFA investigates the "Phonetic Asymmetry Phenomenon at Surat Yousef."

Shifting the focus to EFL classes, Abdellah BADDA gathers "Listening to Students’ Voices on Translation Related Exercises in EFL Classes."

Khadija Ali MUHAMMAD explores the concept of "Componential Classification (Dimensions and Directions)."

The intriguing study titled "The Biography Between Textuality and Commitment" is authored by EL zarug ABDULHAMID Ali ABDULHAMID and Hussien Mohamed Abdalla EHMAIDA.

Amal BEN SEGHIER and Laid DJELLOULI delve into the "Manifestation of the Legendary Heritage in Theatrical Text Directed to the Child: The Forest Children, A Play of the Author Djacem Med Salah."

Basim Rashid ZOBAA presents a captivating analysis of "Grammaticalization at Grammarians Between Mind and Connotation."

Hazim Mohammed HUSSEIN and Ali Hussein HASAN explore "Stories of Catastrophe in Refik Halit Karay’s Memleket Hikâyeleri."

The novel by David Grossman takes center stage in shaimaa Fadhil HAMMOODY's research on "Nazism and Its Reflection in the Novel by David Grossman."

Ahmad SHAIKH HUSAYN investigates "Majnoon's Narration in the Book of Songs Between Fact and Fiction."

Lastly, Ziyad Tarik ABDUL JABBAR delves into "Religious Education in the Divan of Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumi."

We invite all enthusiasts of education and language studies to explore this captivating collection of research articles, as it promises to offer valuable insights and enriching perspectives on the chosen subjects. Don't miss out on this intellectually stimulating issue, now available on our journal's website!