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We are pleased to present the 6th installment of the IJEL International Journal, a distinguished publication that centers on the critical fields of Education and Language Studies.

We are delighted to announce the release of the sixth issue of IJEL International Journal, dedicated to Education and Language Studies. Within this edition, we present a collection of insightful articles that we believe will be both engaging and informative to our valued readers.

In the first article, Hachemaoui FATIHA explores "The Style Issue According to Ibn Quatayba Al-Dinuri (276 AH)," providing a comprehensive analysis of stylistic elements in the context of Ibn Quatayba's work.

Moving on to religious aspects, Oumar-CHECKH OUSMAN delves into "Religious Features in the Book Tuhfat Al-Nazzar," examining the presence and significance of religious themes within the text.

Shifting focus to language education, Norya AYAD investigates "The Expert's Speech in the Magistral Course and the Oral Understanding of the French Language at the Scientific Sectors at the University of Mascara - Algeria," shedding light on the use of expert language in French instruction.

In an exploration of language and orientalism, Bushra Hussein Ali AL-FADHLI presents "Orientalism and Arabic Language - Beginnings and Foundation," delving into the historical roots and implications of orientalism in relation to the Arabic language.

Continuing in the realm of literature, Faeza Abdulameer NAYYEF ALHUDEEB analyzes "The Image of Jerusalem in Hebrew Children's Literature: The Play (Jerusalem to Me) as a Model," offering insights into how Jerusalem is depicted in Hebrew literature for children, using a specific play as a case study.

The poetic heritage is celebrated by Hassan BELEHBIB in "An Audio Study of the Poets' Publications: 'The Apparent Secret in the One Who Achieved the Brilliant Honor from the Heels of Sheikh Abdul Qadir.' For the Poet Abu Al-Rabi` Suleiman Al-Hawath Al-Shafshauni, Who Died in 1231 AH / 1816 AD," where an audio exploration of poetic works provides a deeper understanding of the poet's contributions.

We invite all our readers to explore these diverse and thought-provoking articles in the latest issue of IJEL International Journal. Stay tuned for more cutting-edge research and insights in the fields of Education and Language Studies.