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We are excited to announce the launch of the 5th edition of the IJEL International Journal, a premier platform specifically dedicated to the realms of Education and Language Studies.

We are delighted to announce the much-anticipated release of the fifth issue of the esteemed IJEL International Journal, dedicated exclusively to Education and Language Studies. Within this issue, we proudly present a collection of groundbreaking articles that we are confident will captivate and enlighten our cherished readers.

In the first article, "Djamila GHRIEB: QUTRUB; Linguist and Computer Linguist Project," readers will delve into the fascinating world of linguistics and computer linguistics, exploring the innovative research conducted by Djamila GHRIEB.

Continuing on an enlightening journey through history, Faeza Abdulameer and Nayyef ALHUDEEB present "Women in Mesopotamian Civilization." This article sheds light on the crucial role of women in the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, providing valuable insights into their contributions and impact.

The impact of the Corona pandemic on the field of education in the Arab-Palestine community is the focus of Ola Huseein ALHEEB's article, titled "The Depth of the Gaps in the Field of Education in the Arab-Palestine Community and the Role of the Administration in Reducing the Gaps in Light of the Corona Pandemic." This timely and thought-provoking piece explores the challenges faced by educators and administrators during these unprecedented times and the strategies employed to bridge the gaps in education.

We invite all academics, researchers, and enthusiasts in the fields of Education and Language Studies to delve into this enriching collection of articles. The wealth of knowledge and insights presented in this issue promises to be a valuable resource for scholars and educators alike.

Experience the thought-provoking research and discoveries within the pages of the fifth issue of the IJEL International Journal. Visit our website to access the complete articles and engage with the latest advancements in Education and Language Studies. Happy reading!