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We are delighted to present the 10th installment of the IJEL International Journal, a prestigious publication that focuses on advancing Education and Language Studies.

We are delighted to introduce the 10th issue of IJEL International Journal, a dedicated platform for Education and Language Studies. We proudly present this edition to our esteemed readers, confident that the published articles will prove as enlightening to them as they have been to us.

In the first article, "A Follow-Up Study of the Effectiveness of E-Learning and Blended Learning During the Corona Pandemic," Habar Hussain JASSIM, Hieam Abdulameer KADHIM, and Rafid Raoof JASIM delve into the efficacy of e-learning and blended learning methods in the context of the pandemic.

Turning to the realm of philosophy, Faeza Abdalameer Nayyef Al-HUDEEB examines "The Impact of Islamic Philosophy on Jewish Philosophy: MUSA BIN MAIMON (Model)."

Next, Mahmoud Fawzi Abdullah AL-KUBAISI and Rajaa Ali KHUDAIR explore "The Marginalized Verb and Its Rulings According to Sheikh Al-Bahshti (d. 749 AH) in His Book Al-Khulasah Al-Sarfiyyah in Explain Al-Risala Al-Azziyah - Study and Investigation."

We invite you to immerse yourself in this rich collection of scholarly works that offer valuable insights into the fields of education and language studies.