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It is with utmost joy that we introduce the 7th edition of the IJEL International Journal, a leading platform that specifically emphasizes Education and Language Studies.

We are delighted to announce the release of The Seventh issue of IJEL International Journal, a special edition dedicated to Education and Language Studies. Within this volume, we present a collection of insightful articles that we believe will be of great interest and value to our readers.

In the first article, Lubna Ahmed ELTAYEB explores "The Theme of Fear in the Tale of La Peur by Guy de Maupassant."

Moving on to linguistics, Hawneaz Mustafa RASHEED examines "Characteristics of Voices According to Abu Shama al-Maqdisi (D. 665 AH)."

Naziha ZAKOUR presents a study on "Cognitive Linguistics and Meaning Building: The Theory of Mental Space as a Model."

Turning to the realm of education, Abdulrahım HUSSEIN delves into "Distance Education: Its Pros and Cons, Religious Education as an Example."

Nabil EL OUAHABI discusses "Translation and Migration Question in the Light of International Instruments."

In an educational context, Banan Muhammad ALI JAMOUS, Jamila KASEM, and Mohammed SHUIBAT investigate the "Degree of Use of Management Engineering Method in the Development of Administrative Processes in Public Secondary Schools from the Point of View of Managers and Administrators."

Hadjer HAOUICHI explores "Narrative Dialectic and Cultural Centralities: A Reading in Abdullah Ibrahim's Critical Project."

Mahmoud Fawzi ABDULLAH and Bassem Rashid ZOBAA present a study on "Didactic Linguistics - Principles and Purposes."

Houda AMARI conducts a "Literary Criteria of Text in Qur'anic Miracle Studies - Descriptive Analytical Approach to Selected Models."

Brahim EL FAROUKI and Ayyoub HABIBI delve into "The Term's Evolution in Linguistic Heritage: The Pronoun as a Model."

Rawan Wael SIAJ compares "Clinical Supervision between Reality and Hope: A Comparative Study."

Lubna Ahmed ELTAYEB returns with a semiotic analysis of "The Character of Gaston in Le Voyageur sans Bagage by Jean Anouilh."

Hamida BOUAROUA examines "The Effectiveness of Using Technological Media in Teaching Arabic to the Literacy Class: The National Office for Literacy and Adult Education in Ouargla, Algeria (Sample)."

Nourelhouda ZAIMI and Alima AZOUZ study "The Contribution of Modern Communication Techniques to Teaching a Foreign Language for Beginners in the Arab World: Analytical Study of the Facebook and YouTube Channel Live English."

We invite all our readers to explore these enriching articles and join us in celebrating the diverse insights presented in this edition of the IJEL International Journal.