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It is with great enthusiasm that we unveil the 3rd issue of the IJEL International Journal, a revered publication dedicated to the exploration of Education and Language Studies.

We are delighted to announce the much-awaited release of the third issue of IJEL International Journal, dedicated exclusively to Education and Language Studies. This issue features a compelling collection of articles that promise to enlighten and captivate our esteemed readers.

In the first article, "Lexicon Referencing and Textpragmatic Analysis: Concepts and Applications," Majeed Khairallah RAHI and Abdelmalek BELKHEIRY delve into the intriguing world of lexicon referencing and textpragmatic analysis, shedding light on its concepts and practical applications.

Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED presents a thought-provoking piece titled "Theory and Practice in English Language Testing," where the intersection of theory and practice in the realm of English language testing is explored in depth.

The linguistic evolution of the Arabic syllable is the focus of Djamila GHRIEB's article, "The Arabic Syllable between Ancient and Modern," which provides insights into the changes and developments observed over time.

In an engaging exploration of the performing arts, Iman Abdul Sattar Attallah AL-KUBAISI investigates "Reincarnation and Non-Reincarnation in the Acting Performance of Monodrama," shedding light on the different approaches and expressions in this unique form of dramatic performance.

We invite our readers to dive into the wealth of knowledge presented in this remarkable issue. Stay tuned for further updates on our website, where you can access these enlightening articles and immerse yourself in the world of Education and Language Studies.