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Sabah Ali AL-SULEIMAN, Naaila Jeries HADDAD ‎


Language competence is an important skill of the intellectual, ‎through which he can ‎read, listen and write in any language, and ‎because English receded at the beginning ‎of this century as a ‎second language in political, economic and scientific dealings ‎in ‎some countries of the world, Consant Leung was able to write in ‎search of (linguistic ‎competence from prescription to prescription ‎and return) based on the idea that ‎linguistic competence is an ‎artifact affected by the tide and islands of intellectual ‎movements, ‎This means that efficiency is determined by the culture and ‎development ‎of societies; Cultures must therefore be taught in the ‎curriculum, English is proficient ‎in the form, lexicon, discourse ‎and style and linked to social issues, and the curriculum ‎must be ‎developed and evaluated from time to time, taking into account ‎society's ‎developments; In order for English to be effective in ‎economic and scientific matters ‎in other countries, this is through ‎the use of old curricula and future developments ‎through the ‎development of English language plans and foundations. ‎The ‎importance and strength of any language in the world lies in ‎her country's strength ‎through the elaboration of its own law, in ‎conjunction with all efforts and institutions ‎within and outside the ‎State, and thus the universality of the language is determined ‎by ‎these circumstances. The researchers translated this research ‎and commented on it ‎in accordance with future studies, and the ‎extent to which it is used in our Arab and ‎Islamic world. All means ‎are available but lack coordination and implementation

Keywords: competence - description - linguistic – translation‎‏3‏‎-4‎‏.‏‎7‎