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Hamdiyah Tomas AL HATEMI ‎


The research paper is concerned with replanning some of the ‎problems and difficulties many translators of literary texts may face in the ‎process of translating particularly in poetry.‎ The difficulty of translating poetry resides in the complex nature of ‎poetry itself as a form of literature. So it is regarded as a difficult genre to ‎be translated unless it is limited with the culture and the public harmony of the ‎environment in with the poet grew up . The other problem is concerned with ‎paraphrasing the literary texts and this may be seen the most difficult part in this process of ‎translating. The translator should be of great knowledge in different fields of study. ‎He should be knowable about the theories of linguistic and philosophy as well .‎ The study runs a number of comparisons of Arabic translations ‎focusing on figurative language, word play, and tropes in general to attempt an ‎answer to some questions, and since the limits of scope have to be set, the ‎emphasis lies on the Arabic translations of the Shakespearean sonnets with some reference to ‎other works of Shakespeare’s

Keywords: Difficulties and Challenges of Literary Translations,‎ Shakespearean Sonnets, Arabic Translations‎‏3‏‎-4‎‏.‏‎2‎