Year:2022   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Literary studies

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An audio study of the poets’ relics, “The apparent secret of who attained the splendid honour, following the heels of Sheikh Abd al-Qadir.” This study aims to answer questions that I consider urgent in the literary lesson, which are: To what extent can what a poet writes in prose and what other than poets write as one thing? Does the poet not accompanies when writing prose that musical rhythm he composed in poetry? Or does the writer/poet have two different memories, one for prose and the other for poetry? Or is it the memory that is pregnant with melody, rhythm, and the music itself accompanying it while it sings, and then the prose writings of poets may be a reflection of the rhythmic poetic structure, even if the contents differ? While I am waiting for other researchers to devote themselves to more scrutiny in this matter, by conducting audio studies on the poets’ writings, I present this audio study of one of the most important Moroccan virtues books in the modern era, which is the book: From the heels of Sheikh Abdul Qadir “by the poet and writer Abu Al-Rabee’ Suleiman Al-Hawat Al-Shafshauni. There is no doubt that the phonetic analysis of the texts of our written heritage from distinguished poets, including their sounds and rhythms, helps a lot in understanding their nature, and in revealing the aesthetic aspects in them, in addition to what that reveals the psychological emotions and emotions that govern its creator, which push him to choose sounds And certain rhythms, and it is not hidden that the substance of the sound is the manifestation of psychological emotion, and that this emotion, by its nature, is a reason for diversifying the sound with what it brings out in it of counterpoint, alliteration, synonymy and other things.

Keywords: An Audio Study, Abu Al-Rabi` Suleiman Al-Hawath Al-Shafshauni, The Poets