Year:2022   Volume: 3   Issue: 2   Area: Literary studies

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This research is part of a series of studies on the reality and prospects of translation in Arab countries. During each study, we seek to provide an objective approach that derives from the accumulation of years of professional experience in this vital field of science. Today we would like to introduce a contemporary topic with to participate in the 4th International Scientific Conference of Linguistic and Literary Sciences, through the Language and Translation Axis. This is a question of migration, which is arising in a number of countries, including the Arab States. Given the increasing number of migrants and persons displaced from their countries of origin towards host countries, the situation has become a concern for many States, particularly receiving States. This is a phenomenon that needs appropriate study to provide a common vision of how to deal with it through a balanced approach between rights and obligations. As referred to in this title, the focus will be on translation as one of the necessary mechanisms for communicating with these minorities located in countries other than their country of origin and speaking languages, and dialects different from the host country on the as one of their rights as migrants as stipulated in many international instruments on migration and human rights. We will therefore begin by briefly talking about migration as part of the humanitarian experience of all States, and then we will go directly to the topic on the role of translation in facilitating communication between these categories of migrants and the host country's institutions and the resulting intercultural relations and acquaintance with the culture of the other. It is an occasion for those interested in this subject in the Arab and Islamic world to share and develop experiences through this conference, to which we wish every success.

Keywords: Translation; Migration Question.