Year:2022   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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Hachemaoui FATIHA


Broadly speaking, the style issue is one of the most important issues that critics, old, and new have stood at, as it has taken an important axis in Arabic studies, and a stand-alone science has been established for it in Western studies. On a more series note, In the pre-Islamic era, style was associated with poetry, and its criticism, but in the early days of Islam its scope expanded in terms of its connection with the Holy Qur’an. Indeed, since the beginning of the composition era, scholars have been interested in studying the Noble Qur’an style, and researching its eloquence that exceeded the Arabs eloquence, and its style that Arab linguists were unable to come up with, and responding to those who doubt its eloquence and meanings. For these and other reasons,” Ibn Qutayba “wrote his book (The Problem of Qur’an interpretation), which is considered one of his most important religious books. Henceforth, “Ibn Qutayba” discussed the style issue at a wonderful critical level – different from other contemporary ,and previous scholars, this was represented in his mention in the introduction to his book (Poetry and Poets), in which he dealt with several issues, including the word issue, and meaning, which is known in form, and content. (Content) for the speakers, which constitute the basics of style. To conclude this summary, this issue highlight the claims that As for contemporary Western criticism, we find that the issue of style has become a stand-alone science that studies style as an objective and scientific study that has its own laws and procedures, and this is what is called style or stylistics.

Keywords: Style, Stylistics, Criticism, Aesthetics and Art