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Abeer Muhammad Maher Fahd AL-JUBOURI ‎


The text represents the meaning that the speaker wants to convey ‎to the listener or reader, and it is a complex sentence sequence of ‎major and minor units; In order to achieve a specific meaning, and ‎to understand the text, its units must be disassembled, and then ‎compiled. In order to reach its significance as wanted by the ‎originator of the text, and the Holy Qur'an is the eternal miracle of ‎God over the years, and it is the most eloquent speech and the ‎most complete statement, so that it cannot be separated from each ‎other due to the severity of its provisions and the quality of its ‎casting. If you want to study a part of it, you find yourself returning ‎to what preceded this. Section; To realize the true meaning of it, as ‎it complements each other, and explains each other. And we ‎cannot imagine the text without the pronouns; Because it links the ‎language with the context of the external situation, as well as ‎performing multiple structural and semantic functions, the most ‎important of which is the linking function. Therefore, I chose Surat ‎Al-Ra'd as a model to identify the functions of pronoun referral in ‎it, and to demonstrate its impact on the cohesion of the verses of ‎the surah

Keywords: ‎(textual coherence, Surat Al-Raad).‎‎‏3‏‎-4‎‏.‏‎5‎