Year:2022   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Literary studies

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Tuhfat Al-Nazzar is one of the most famous travel books in history. Ibn Battuta known for his travels, and because of his global fame, he called the Prince of Muslim Travellers. Ibn Battuta started this journey from his hometown Tangiers; He intended to make the pilgrimage to the Sacred House of God, and he took a friend in every city, who told about him and his city. The period of his travels was estimated to be approximately thirty years, and he dictated to “Ibn Jazi al-Kalbi” the details and anecdotes of those trips. Ibn Battuta excelled in the art of description and reached a high degree never before, and from this description appeared his fame in the field of travel literature. Ibn Battuta was not satisfied with the external description of the places that he visited, but he also elaborated on the entrances and exits of cities and the natures of the different peoples with whom he lived. He listed many interesting stories and mentioned several religious features; whether Islamic or other religions of different peoples that he passed through his travels. From this, derive the subject of this research entitled: Religious features in the book Tuhfat Al-Nazzar. The importance of this topic is to read the religious aspects that Ibn Battuta dealt with in his book Tuhfat al-Nazzar, where he mentioned some holy places and religious figures, Islamic, pagan, and others. This research specified in the book: "The Masterpiece of the Priests in the Oddities of the Cities and the Wonders of the Travels". In addition, this research aims to highlight the religious features included in the book Tuhfat Al-Nazzar were in Arab or foreign peoples of all kinds.

Keywords: Features, Religions, Ibn Battuta, Journey, Islam, Paganism.