Year:2021   Volume: 2   Issue: 2   Area: Literary studies

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Iman Abdul Sattar Attallah AL-KUBAISI


The problem of tagged research (reincarnation and reincarnation) boils down to the representative performance of monodrama Ask (how present is the reincarnation and presentation style in the monodrama show?) while the importance of the research was reflected in the highlighting (the specificity of the performance of the actor in the monodramatic play as an ancient art, and what the performance of the actor in monodrama and his style between presentation and reincarnation. The current research aims to reveal the style of reincarnation and presentation in the representative performance of monodrama, and determines the research with monodrama presentations presented in Baghdad for the period (2015-2018) and the terms of research (Reincarnation, Monodrama) were identified, while the second chapter focused on two topics, the first of which was what monodrama is and its roots, while the second focused on the technique of performance in monodrama. The Researcher took the descriptive approach as a way to conduct her research after she got the research community consisting of (5) monodramatic performances through which the sample was randomly elected through the draw by the reality of a theatrical work (EAA Harema) and after analyzing the theatrical performance the results of the research appeared from the most prominent (the use of the two methods of performance, reincarnation in the character of the man or reincarnation in the simulation of other characters. The use of kinetic and vocal skill in presenting the character (officer) and others, reaching a sensory embodiment of the character of war is invisible, and making it felt by Receiver) The researcher concluded what comes (the actor who deals with the work of Monodrami must master the tragic and comedic performance and blend them.The researcher recommended the need to prepare special workshops to write, direct and represent monodrama.

Keywords: Monodrama, Reincarnation, Non-Reincarnation.