Year:2020   Volume: 1   Issue: 1   Area: Glossary and Meaning

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Iman Ghazi ALI


The Romantic doctrine is one of the modern doctrines that had a great impact on the development of world literature in general because of the principles it came with to end the long-standing dominance of the classical doctrine in Europe and extended its dominance from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. However, the Romantic doctrine, with its new ideas and new principles Which was characterized by renewal, flexibility, imagination and dreaming ended the dominance of the classical doctrine, and the romantic doctrine of religion and religious ideas in literature restored their existence as well as revived popular and Christian literature that was neglected in the classical era, as well as the romantic doctrine nourished the spiritual aspect of man and navigated within his feelings and in the labyrinths of his imaginations and inner feeling. Romanticism was particularly concerned with nature, and almost all of its writers were excessively interested in nature. This interest began with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who is considered the father of romance and romantics, who gave nature a special attention, and he considered city life to be against the healthy innate life. Most romantics are considered the person who grows up in The countryside is closer to common sense due to its proximity to nature and an atmosphere that is not disturbed by city life, which is based on principles and relationships that are more complex and far from common sense.

Keywords: Nature; Romantics; Christian Literature.