Year:2021   Volume: 2   Issue: 3   Area: Language and Islamic Sciences

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Ahmed Ali Niimaa Al- ZUBEIDY, Haider Ali Niimaa Al- ZUBEIDY


The research dealt with the most essential linguistic and expressive issues that contributed to this great Qur’an being summarized in its apparent phrases, abundant in its latent connotations, deep in its aims and objectives, and as a result it led to this amount of moral accumulation in its short glorious texts; Exemplified by the manifestations of miraculous expansion that no human being can encircle, no matter what he takes from the point of view and knowledge. Starting from (interlingual homophones Homonyms), passing through the phenomena (Qur’anic recitations), and ending with the phenomenon (metaphor); And that is through rapid tourism between the artifacts of those phenomena, and getting acquainted with their jurisprudence and the field of function , and the secrets contained under each of them, and the benefits and merits they added to the Holy text.

Keywords: The Holy Qur’an, Indicative Accumulation, Metaphor.