Year:2020   Volume: 1   Issue: 1   Area: Language Teaching

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Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED


This study aims at exploring the role of human languages in establishing solid grounds for the continuity of human creativity and intelligence. Although it is not easy to define what a language is, no one denies that language is the most essential human device that helps people to communicate and get on well with each other. This capability of communication granted language its essential role in enhancing human beings survival and transmission of human knowledge, culture and the whole material advancement and heritage. For this end the study will be a qualitative historical survey of the role of human languages in extending human bonds and relationships for the sake of survival, safety and solidarity in a wild context at the first stages of human beings presence on earth, and later in a world of advanced technology where the whole world has come to be united as if it is a small village. The study will explore some verses of the Holly Qur’an that support human creation and ability to communicate. The theoretical frame work and the related literature will be outlined and explored to support the assumption and hypotheses of this study. The importance of the study will also be stated. The study will be processed through the methodology, the procedures and the discussion that will be followed for obtaining its findings. The study will be finalized by the main obtained results and recommendations for further future studies and a summary for the whole study. Key words: Enhancement of Creatıvıty; language; Inteligence.

Keywords: Enhancement of Creatıvıty; language; Inteligence