Year:2022   Volume: 3   Issue: 2   Area: Language and Discourse

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Mahmoud Fawzi ABDULLAH, Bassem Rashid ZOBAA


it is no secret to anyone that educational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that works on the cognitive blending between the sciences of language and education, and it has been called by many names, including educational and educational linguistics in addition to educational and instructional linguistics. yes, educational linguistics had a relationship with applied linguistics, and these linguistics had principles that were based on it, and we have detailed the saying in the papers of this research, and from here, this linguistics is completely linked with applied linguistics; it was concerned with teaching methods, and it relied a lot on the variables related to the educational process, as well as its impact on language teaching, this field of linguistic sciences is still unborn, so we committed ourselves in this research to follow the descriptive approach, then we dealt in the preface the definition of linguistics and the relationship of educational linguistics with applied linguistics, then we presented in the first section a study on the basic principles of educational linguistics, and we devoted the second section to educational speech about the fields of linguistics, the third topic came to reveal to us the impact of educational linguistics on learning languages, and the research came out with a number of results that we reached.

Keywords: Linguistics, Objectives of Linguistics, Principles of Linguistics, New Syntax.