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Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED


The teaching of foreign languages is an integrated process in which variety of pedagogical and personal learners' factors should be taken into consideration for a successful educational experience. The pedagogical factors of course include the teaching methodology and aspects of syllabus design. The learners' personal factors consist of all the learners’ personal factors that they come with in this voyage of a foreign language teaching and learning such as learners' aptitude and the affective psychological factors that may enhance or debilitate learning. In this present study our prime aim is to incorporate both the pedagogical and personal factors as factors to which learners may set up respective responses or acceptance if they actually address the learners’ required teaching and learning anticipations; and the defensive perspectives that learners may set up if the learners' factors are not addressed to satisfy their teaching and learning requirements. This study will concentrate on four major aspects of receptivity and defensiveness in foreign language teaching which are namely the teacher as a person, the teaching context and syllabus, the affective factors in teaching, and the defensive and the distracting factors of teaching. To process this study, we begin first by stating the topic under investigation, its importance, scope, and the methodological aspects through which it will be tackled in order to reach to the main results, the recommendations and suggestions for further future studies.‏

Keywords: Receptivity, Defensiveness, Learners' Factors, Learning Context, Attitudes, Motivatio, Facilitating Anxiety, Debilitating Anxiety, Self – Esteem, Teacher's Personality, Syllabi